Not only is Evan Granowitz a young lawyer taking his industry by storm, he is actively sought out by companies and people in need of legal assistance, which is very uncommon. Despite his youth, he is often chosen over more established lawyers in the field.
Granowitz’s potential and talent in his field are being noticed by those in his community without question, but they aren’t the only ones taking notice. Super Lawyers magazine, one of America’s best loved, admired and respected law magazines among attorneys, has honored him. Evan’s stellar performance was recognized by the magazine and he received the Rising Star award from Super Lawyers magazine for two years running — 2009 and 2010. Given that fewer than 3 percent of lawyers younger than the age of 40 receive this prestigious award, this is no small victory for Evan Granowitz.
Super Lawyers magazine ensures that the lawyer meets several criteria before he or she is honored with the Rising Star award. Among them, the attorney’s educational background is examined, as is the quantity and quality of his or her work experience. The lawyer’s track record is examined, including the number of cases won, and both colleagues and clients of the attorney are asked for their opinions of the lawyer after they’ve worked with him or her. Several other aspects of the lawyer’s career are examined as well.
Even though Evan graduated from law school in 2004, it didn’t take him long to receive a prestigious award and winning it two years in a row is a particular accomplishment. This points to Evan’s skills as a lawyer, and shows that he possesses efficiency, quick thought, and the ability to grasp complex concepts quickly and easily. He never would have received this reward if he hadn’t mastered the many aspects of law as fast as he did. Evan is now in his eighth year of practice, but anyone examining his work portfolio and resume would agree that it looks similar to the work experience and track record of an attorney who has been practicing law for decades.
Evan does not just solve cases or defend his clients. Instead, he also works to educate his clients. His goal is to enlighten his clients on aspects of the legal system that many people have never encountered. This education-focused approach to his practice and customer service has helped make Granowitz rise above the crowd.




Like around every country, the UK has a set assertive rules and regulations for employing people. These rules are about agnate for British and adopted citizens, except for assertive rules that yield affliction of clearing and acceptance accompanying issues.

Employment rules in UK can broadly be classified into three above categories listed below.

Minimum Pay criminal solicitors Rules

Employment Altitude and Contracts

Alive hours and conditions

These three regulations accept to be met by any employer in UK, if he intends to run his alignment calmly and legally. The UK government has set a minimum allowance for all people. Every alignment has to pay their workers the minimum allowance set by the government, depending aloft the age and job of the employee. The minimum allowance may alter for approved and arrangement employees. Approved advisers may get a college circadian allowance than the arrangement or assassin employees.

Employment altitude and affairs pay accent on the altitude beneath which an alignment has assassin its employees. At the time of abutting the company, the employer asks his agent to assurance a job contract. The job arrangement accept to accommodated the guidelines set by the UK government. The employer accept to accommodate bacon slips, ailing leave, biking allowances and a lot of chiefly assurance insurance. If the job action is chancy and involves risks of accidents, the employer accept to accouter his agent with aegis accessory and awning him beneath an allowance policy. Similarly, the agent cannot leave his job unannounced afore the arrangement expires. Both parties accept to accord above-mentioned apprehension to anniversary added afore absolute the job.

Lastly, the alive hours and alive altitude accept to be safe, defended and healthy. If an employer asks his agent to plan overtime, he or she accept to be paid for it. Plan altitude accept to not accept any ancillary aftereffect on the bloom of employee. If the job altitude are chancy and unhygienic, able affliction accept to be taken to abbreviate the accident involved.